Dental Clinic In Dubai – Six Signs You Need To Book An Appointment

Dental Clinic In Dubai – Six Signs You Need To Book An Appointment

They say prevention’s better than cure, and so experts recommend you visit your dental clinic in Dubai at least once annually. Here, a routine check-up will identify any potential or emerging problems with your teeth. These can then be addressed, and you’ll almost certainly find that treatment will be more successful, less expensive and much less traumatic.

However, many of us still delay making that vital, regular appointment. If that sounds like you, you should at least be aware of the warning signs and know when to book a session with your dentist in Dubai. The first indicator is toothache. You may be experiencing periodic flare-ups, or have a constant nagging pain in your mouth. Either way, it won’t get better on its own. Toothache at its worst is one of the nastiest pains imaginable and sometimes, even over-the-counter pain relief medication won’t touch it. Don’t let it get to that stage. You may have a cavity or an infection that can be addressed quickly and simply, before it worsens and causes you to lose the tooth entirely. Our next signifier that an appointment is needed at your dental clinic in Dubai is bad breath, something we all suffer from at times. Often, it’s just down to something we ate, like garlic or onions. But persistent halitosis over the longer term can be an indication that you have gum disease, a cavity in a tooth or worse. Visiting your friendly dentist can remove the embarrassment!

Gum disease is related to our third indicator, irritated or bleeding gums. Most people’s gums bleed occasionally, and it could just be a sign that you’re being heavy-handed with the toothbrush. But if you notice your gums are sore, swollen or bleeding persistently, or your permanent teeth feel loose in their sockets, then you may have periodontitis (advanced gum disease). Left untreated, this can cause permanent damage to the gums, harm to the jawbone and tooth loss, leading to you needing an expensive dental implant. Get it sorted! Our fourth ‘red flag’ is a dry mouth. This happens when the salivary glands aren’t working properly, and could be down to a side effect of medication, a yeast infection, snoring or a whole host of other causes. One thing’s for sure, though, if you’re not producing sufficient saliva, your ability to neutralise acids in the foods and drinks you consume is affected, which makes you more vulnerable to tooth decay and infections. A trip to the best dental clinic in Dubai can identify and suggest solutions to the problem. Fifthly, are you suffering from pain in your jaw? Don’t dismiss that either. Your dentist will be able to tell you the cause. You could be grinding your teeth in your sleep, or you may have a developing abscess which needs treatment as soon as possible. Our last sign is particular to young children between 7 and 10 years old: do they thumb suck, or are they prone to tongue thrusting, for instance? This can throw developing teeth out of alignment. Early orthodontic treatment will help prevent possibly intrusive and expensive rectification in future.

Make an appointment with a dental clinic in Dubai as soon as possible. If you haven’t visited a dental specialist in a while because you’re worried about the treatment or suffer from a phobia of dentists, just mention this to the Reception Staff when you ring. Most dentists are used to nervous patients and have great techniques, like sedation, for putting you at your ease.

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